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Confined Space Training & Escape BA (Medium Risk)

Confined Space Training Courses
Man in Confined Space- Holland TCS
Duration1 Day
Max number10

This Confined Space Course content and practical elements are designed to train delegates to operate in 95% of all confined space locations. Sometimes referred to as a Medium Risk Confined Space Course, our team has been delivering this course for over 15 years, training thousands of delegates, ensuring its popularity and making it the first-choice course among Irelands leading industrial and construction organisations.

The course teaches delegates how to Prepare, Enter And Work Safely In Confined Spaces. It brings them through the safe work system options for working in areas up to Medium Risk Level and includes using an Escape BA (self-rescue device) as part of a safe work system. Specific Hazards, Risk Assessment, Permits, Atmospheric Gases and Emergencies are all covered.

Practical training takes place in out simulated confined space training unit. Delegates are trained to competently use a Gas Detector, Tripod, Confined Space Harness and Escape Breathing Apparatus (EBA). Each learner is issued with their own equipment and assess individual and as part of a team.                        

Course Outline

  • Legislation and Code of Practice relevant to Confined Spaces
  • Recognition of Confined Spaces
  • Dangers associated with Confined Spaces
  • Appreciation of the different types of atmospheres
  • Safe systems of work
  • Use of Gas Detection Equipment
  • Use of Escape Breathing Apparatus
  • Use of Tripod & Winch
  • Practical training exercise.     

PPE  Requirments 

Delegates should bring suitable PPE (hi-visibility vest, hard hat, safety boots, kneepads & warm clothing).


Confined Space Code of Practice 2001


Medium Risk Confined Space Training

Who Should Attend

Employees who will be required to work in Confined Spaces and:

  • May be required to use Escape Breathing Apparatus as part of a Safe System of Work
  • Use a tripod and winch for locations with vertical access/egress
  • Enter in Teams & leave the Entry Point 

This course is also suitable for Supervisors, Managers and Safety Professionals wishing to gain an appreciation of the various work systems and safety equipment used in Confined Space Work.

Additional Information

Training Equipment

Our courses use continuous flow 10 Minute Escape Sets (hood type) as standard. However, we carry a full range of equipment from all mainstream manufacturer and delegates can opt to use positive pressure or constant flow devices.

We use MSA, RAE and Honeywell gas detectors and delegates are welcome to bring their own devices should the have any questions on setup or want us to perform setup.

Continued Customer Relationship

All course attendees or their employers can discuss any confined space operations issues or challenges with one of our consultants free of charge at any time should the need arise.


This course is a mix of theoretical and practical sessions, during which delegates will be required to demonstrate their level of knowledge and understanding of the training programme content.

Other Course Options

Where Escape Breathing Apparatus is not required as part of the safe work system, take a look at our Base Level course Confined Space Awareness Training.

If the environment requires operatives to have a Continuous Breathing Air Supply, take a look at our higher-level course Confined Space Training & Working BA.

Certification & Assessment

Delegates who successfully complete the course will receive Holland Academy Certification

To be successful delegates must pass

  • Written Assessment (40%)
  • Practical Assessment (60%)
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