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Service of Confined Space Equipment

Allows workers to safely work in confined space and to conform with Health and Safety requirements.

Holland TCS Service of Tripod & Winch
Service of Tripod & Winch
Tripods and Winches must be thoroughly inspected every 6 months (People carrying) or 12 months (Equipment carrying) Our competent staff will inspect tripods and winches in accordance with the manufacturing instructions Inspection Steps for Tripod/Winch If inspection or operation reveals a defective condition our service team will immediately and contact the customer for repair. All bolts and nuts must be securely attached. Check for missing, altered, or substituted bolts, nuts, locking detent pins or other parts. Inspect the tripod for signs of corrosion which may weaken or affect parts in their function. Check each leg to see that it can be telescoped in and out freely. Inspect legs for straightness. Ensure legs...
Holland TCS Escape and Full BA
Escape and Full BA
Escapes set must be thoroughly examined and tested and by a competent Authority or person every 12 months in accordance with the manufactures instructions. Inspection of self contained breathing apparatus: inspection consists of full computerized testing Visual Inspection of back plate, carrying harness and hoses Testing of the lung demand valve Mask or Hood Duration of the cylinder Testing of the high pressure reducer Pressure testing of cylinders every five years We carry out serving on the following Escape Sets: Sabre Elsa(Hood) Sabre Sprint (Mask) MSA S-Cap Air (Mask) Drager (Hood or Mask) These escapes sets come in Constant-flow and Positive-Pressure We also refill cylinders 2,3,6 and 9 l...
Gas Monitors Calibration
Gas Monitors Calibration
A calibration is simply applying a known concentration of gas to sensors that these sensors can detect.   Please also look at information in tabs..for Why should you calibrate a gas detector? How often should calibration be carried out? Calibration Procedures Gas Detectors we calibrate. (All gas types)