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Contract Placement

Holland Safety is an integrated safety solutions provider, supplying professional safety and field administration personnel for your ongoing construction projects or manufacturing operations. Our expertise and experience is built on supporting business nationally and internationally over the last 20 years. We have developed resources, skills and specialist expertise ensuring we can source and retain highly-skilled teams for projects of all sizes and complexity.

This allows you company to complement existing resources with temporary staff while retaining existing staff on their core duties. The service can be used when implementing a new process, for long-term leave cover or for construction and project related requirements. Irrespective of the complexity of your operations, our Account Management Team possesses the skills to understand your business and processes, ensuring we provide a suitable match to your needs within your required timeframe.

How will our Contract Placement service help you?

•    Added Value - We monitor each resource to ensure they continue to meet your business needs by regular consultation, auditing, requesting regular customer feedback and on-site meetings.
•    Professional Resources - We know the industry, are experts in the field and understand customer challenges, therefore, ensuring the right contract placement for your project.

Workplace Health and Safety Audit
Workplace Health and Safety Audit
All businesses must regularly examine the quality and effectiveness of your health and safety management systems. It is notable that when the HSA conduct their investigations into major accidents, it usually highlights health and safety management failures as being the root of the cause. Holland Safety carries out auditing services for customers in order to ensure continual improvement in the management of health and safety. Our experienced consultants have extensive experience in collecting information on the efficiency, effectiveness and reliability of Safety Management Systems and implementing corrective action where necessary.