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Calibration Gases

Calibration gas is designed to allow trained persons test if their Gas Detector sensors are working within the manufactures settings.

Holland TCS Calibration Gas
Calibration and Bump Gas
Gas Detection instruments are potentially life-saving devices. The only way to verify proper sensor and alarm operation is to perform a Calibration or Bump Test. Calibration and Bump Test gas is an important part in the maintenance of your gas detector to ensure that the sensors are reacting to the gas you are looking for. Calibration and Bump Test gas does have a shelf life and must not be used beyond the end of life date. Most of our gases have a shelf life of two years, however some gases have less than a year. The gases we store are suitable for both bump testing and calibration. A bump test verifies that your sensors are working and that the cells have not gone blind to gas. The initial checks that are done at start up only ve...